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Specializing in the production of high-precision circuit boards

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Qunhui Electronic Technology

Shenzhen Qunhui Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of high precision double-sided, multi-layer and impedance, blind buried holes, thick copper circuit boards. The company has advanced equipment and a number of high-end circuit board production technology personnel, master the industry's advanced product production technology and has a strong product technology development team.

Products cover HDI, thick copper, backplane, rigid-flexible combination, buried resistance and other types of circuit boards, to meet customer demand for various products.

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  • Gold finger plate

    Double-sided PCB, four-tier PCB, six-tier PCB, eight-tier PCB, ten-tier PCB, twelve-tier PCB, fourte

  • HDI Blind hole PCB

    First-order blind buried hole PCB, second-order blind buried hole PCB, third-order blind buried hole

  • Thick copper PCB

    Four-layer copper PCB, six-layer copper PCB, eight-layer copper PCB and ten-layer copper PCB

  • Industrial control PCB

    Industrial control PCB

  • Sunk plate

    Four layers, six layers, eight layers and ten layers

  • Consumer PCB

    Bluetooth headset PCB, electronic cigarette PCB, LED desk lamp PCB, Bluetooth audio PCB, mobile phon

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  • Continuous improvement strategy

    Continuous improvement and improvement of technology and quality

    Continuous improvement work will be applied and improved as part of the system level to create and establish a continuous improvement of the corporate culture. Through the introduction, digestion and absorption of Lean Six Sigma and QCC, and combining with the actual situation of enterprises, project teams are set up in various departments, combining people with working methods, and using "plan-execution-inspection-action" scientifically and reasonably to continuously improve the process and quality.

  • Quality control of shipment

    Strictly Check the Quality of Goods Delivered

    Strictly check the quality of shipment, use advanced testing equipment, skilled workers, strictly in accordance with international IPC standards and customer standards to check and control the quality of shipment, sales team and customer service team timely follow up the quality performance of products after shipment, and take quick and effective action to improve customer quality abnormal feedback.

  • Process Quality Control

    Systematic Quality Management System

    Establish a systematic quality management system, take the standard operating instructions as the guiding principle, establish a perfect training mechanism, implement standardized operation and regular maintenance of equipment, strictly control change management, strengthen the management of abnormal products and equipment, follow up the implementation of traceability management, sort out key process control projects and focus on monitoring to ensure product quality requirements.

  • Decade PCB Technology Precipitation

    Advanced equipment. First-class technology. Delivery guarantee

    New automatic plating production line, automatic copper sinking line, AOI optical detector, high-speed flying needle machine, high-voltage line testing machine, ultrasonic grinding line, developer, exposure machine, numerical control drill, automatic feeding machine, numerical control automatic V-CUT machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine, automatic release machine, automatic connection machine. One-stop PCB can meet the needs of customers in medium and large quantities, high precision double-sided, multi-layer and impedance, blind buried holes, thick copper plate and other special PCBs.

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