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Specializing in the production of high-precision circuit boards


Shenzhen Qunhui Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of high precision double-sided, multi-layer and impedance, blind buried holes, thick copper circuit boards. The company has the most advanced production testing equipment and experienced management team in China, to build the top domestic and foreign circuit board production and research enterprises.

The company was founded in Huizhou in August 2009. Mainly model, small and medium batches. With accurate market positioning, stable production capacity, customer-centered service concept and excellent corporate culture, the company has been developing steadily and has become a rising star of PCB industry. The workshop covers an area of 8,000_, employs more than 180 people, produces more than 30,000 products per month, and has a very stable delivery date and quality assurance. Products cover HDI, thick copper, backplane, rigid-flexible combination, buried resistance and other circuit boards to meet customer needs.

In 2012, due to the continuous development of customers and technological innovation, higher requirements are put forward for delivery time, follow-up service guarantee and transportation cost. The company has added a new automatic plating production line, automatic copper sinking line, AOI optical detector, high-speed flying needle machine, high-voltage line testing machine, ultrasonic grinding line, developer, exposure machine, CNC drilling machine, automatic feeding machine, CNC automatic V-CUT machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine, automatic feeding machine, automatic splicing machine and other advanced production equipment in the industry. One-stop PCB can meet the needs of customers in large quantities, high precision double-sided, multi-layer and impedance, blind buried holes, thick copper plate and other special PCBs.

In 2012, due to the increase of new and old customers in order to ensure adequate supply, the company moved to Shajing, Shenzhen to expand the plant. At the same time, the company has obtained ISO 9001 quality management system certification, UL certification, so that the service and quality of our factory has been further improved, won the unanimous praise of our customers, and provided customers with faster, more efficient and better service. Products are widely used in communications equipment, industrial control, power electronics, medical instruments, security electronics, aerospace and defense military industries and other high-tech fields. 80% of the products are exported to the Americas, Europe, Asia (except China) and other countries and regions, and are recognized by BOSCH, EMERSON, Schneider and other top 500 customers in the world.

Over the years, the company has been taking the principle of "reputation first, quality first, dedicated service, excellence, continuous improvement, high efficiency and economy, factory as home". The company has formed a team elite to create first-class enterprises and create first-class culture, and is committed to becoming a global high-quality supplier of PCB products.

Professional production technology and professional management team bring up Qunhui Electronics's spirit of hard work, which makes Qunhui Electronics go further and more brilliant in PCB industry.

Shenzhen Qunhui Electronics Co., Ltd.
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