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The 20th Dalian International Electronics Industry Exhibition in May 2019

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20th Dalian International Electronics Industry Exhibition

The 20th Dalian International Electronic Industry Exhibition

Time: May 23 - 25, 2019 Location: Dalian Xinghai Convention and Exhibition Center Dalian World Expo Plaza

Time: 23-25 May 2019 Venue: Dalian Xinghai Convention Center & Dalian World Expo Center

Organizer: Dalian Municipal People's Government

Overseas Coordination: Japan Association for the Promotion of International Trade Japan Middle East North Development Association

Korea Trade and Investment Revitalization Society Taiwan Electronic Trade Union

Organizer: Dalian Huazhan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Supporting Media: Radio Technology, SMT Technology and Equipment, E Generation Electronics, Global Magnetoelectrics, Electronic Transformer Album, Today Electronics, Electronic Components Trading Network, World Factory Network, Wiku Electronic Market, Components Trading Network, Yunxun Media, Electronic Components Trading Network, Huaqiang Electronic Network, Semiconductor Application Alliance, Electronic Engineering Network, PCB Information Network, One Step Electricity Network Subnet, Easy-to-Develop Electronic Network


As the economic center of Northeast China, Dalian ranks first among the four major cities in Northeast China (Harbin, Changchun, Shenyang and Dalian). Dalian is the leader of Liaoning coastal economic belt, leading the revitalization of the old industrial base in Northeast China. Especially in the electronic industry, it has become a new hotspot of investment in the electronic industry. Especially in the past ten years, with the adjustment of industrial structure and the development of emerging industries, Dalian's electronic information industry has sprung up and excelled in the north of China.

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