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April 2019 KPCA Show Korea International Electronic Circuit Industry Exhibition

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KPCA Show 2019

Exhibition time: 2019.4.24 (III) ~ 4.26 (V)

Location of the exhibition: Hall 7-8, Second Exhibition Hall, KINTEX Korea International Exhibition Center

Organizer: Korea Electronics Circuit Industry Association (KPCA)


Supporting units: Korea Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Resources, Gyeonggi Dao/Electronic Times/

Korea Industry Group/Korea Surface Engineering Society/Korea Microelectronics and Packaging Society/

High Value PCB Research Center/World PCB Association/Asian PCB Association

Organize activities at the same time

International Symposium/New Product Technology Conference/WECC Conference, etc.

Composition of Exhibition Hall

Electronic Circuits Industry Pavilion

Semiconductor Packaging & Surface Mounting Technology Pavilion

Plating and Surface Treatment New Technology Pavilion

Advanced Reliability Equipment and Clean System Pavilion

Automotive System Pavilion

Motion Control and Collaborative Robot Industry Pavilion

Exhibition scope

Korea International Electronic Circuit Industry Exhibition KPCAshow

Various electronic circuit boards, PCB manufacturing engineering materials and tools, optoelectronics and accessories, application software and tools and equipment

Semiconductor Packaging, LCD Circuit Board and Tool Equipment, LED Related Circuit Board and Tool Equipment

Surface treatment and gold plating related equipment and materials, NANO, solar photovoltaic circuit board and tool equipment

Electronic Printing Circuit Design, CAD/CAM, Reliability, Checking and Testing Related Systems and Tools and Equipment

Purification room related machines and materials, printed electronic circuit related equipment and materials

Korea International Electronic Assembly Industry Exhibition KIEPshow

Electronic parts assembly related equipment and materials, semiconductor, LED assembly related equipment and materials

Assembly Inspection and Testing System and Related Equipment and Materials

Electronic Packaging Design System, Electronic Packaging Related Equipment and Parts

Lead-free soldering tin, forming machine, (high frequency lead) welding machine, lead welding flue gas purification related equipment

Antistatic related products, electromagnetic wave countermeasure devices and equipment, media and institutions

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