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For novices of PCB design, some design points need special attention. If they are not careful, the designed PCB will probably not be put into use. Today Xiaobian will explain to you the three key points in PCB circuit board design.


First, it's equal length. When designing the differential line, we should pay attention to making the length of the two signal lines equal. Because the length of the signal line is the same, the transmission time of the signal is also the same, so the polarity of the differential signal will be different, thus producing the opposite situation. If the differential signal is the same, the signal quality will be very poor.

Next, it's equidistant. That is to say, the distance between differential lines should be consistent. By adjusting the distance of the differential line, we can adjust a differential impedance throughout the whole process. What's the advantage of this? If our differential impedance can maintain a certain continuity, then there will be little reflection and the transmission signal is the most complete.

Finally, it is the overlapping of the differential line and the printed circuit board. It is generally believed that the differential line will provide a reflux path for PCB, and PCB will use this way to reflux through the differential line, so attention should be paid to overlapping the differential line and PCB in the design.

In PCB circuit board design, only by memorizing the above three points, can we greatly reduce the probability of error, constantly improve the design quality and use value of PCB circuit board, and truly export high-quality products to customers.

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