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Shenzhen PCBA one-stop service platform has those, "PCBA one-stop service platform" how to understand?

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PCBA one-stop service, that is, the customer will give all the information to the factory, the factory directly assembles the finished products and sends them to the customer, customers only need to check at the last moment. With the popularization of this one-stop service, many PCBA one-stop service platforms appear in the market. Today, we take Qunhui Electronics in Shenzhen as an example to see what services it can provide to customers.


According to the traditional practice, many manufacturers of electronic products often find professional PCB factories to make circuit boards, SMT manufacturers to make patches, and then assemble, test and sell their products after acceptance. Is this customary mode of operation really the best solution for customers?

Actually not. If you add up the purchase cost of raw materials, inventory cost and the participation cost of relevant personnel, and then compare the quotation of PCBA contractor package, you may be surprised to find that the manufacturing cost of PCBA in enterprises has decreased as a whole. On the surface, the price seems to rise, but in fact it shows a downward trend. At this time, you also think that PCB outsourcing SMT processing is the best. Proposal?

From the above discussion, we can also conclude that PCBA one-stop platform provides customers with the overall PCBA manufacturing solution services. Through PCB circuit board manufacturing, SMT patch processing, electronic components procurement and other processes, truly reduce the comprehensive costs of personnel, warehousing, logistics and other aspects, greatly shorten and reduce the risk and cycle of supply chain links, and create more powerful conditions for customers to quickly seize the market.

Therefore, the development of PCBA one-stop service platform is the general trend. For customers and service providers, only on the basis of traditional practices, continuous integration and innovation, conscious transformation to PCBA mode, can you seize the opportunity of market development and strengthen their voice.

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