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How about the price of Shenzhen PCB rapid proofing factory?

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1. Circuit boards are different in difficulty

Imagine that if there are 1000 holes in both boards, one of which is larger than 0.6 mm in diameter and the other is less than 0.6 mm, then the two boards will have different drilling costs. If the other factors of the two boards are the same, but the line width and line spacing are different, the production costs will also be different. Therefore, even if the material and process of PCB are the same, its own difficulty will cause different costs.

2. Circuit board rapid proofing plants are different

This factor is the most direct. For the same product, the production equipment and production level of different factories are different, so the cost is different naturally, and the quotation has certain deviation naturally.

3. Customer's own requirements are different

The product rate of PCB proofing factory is related to the requirements of customers. The higher the customer requirements are, the more complex the implementation will be and the yield will naturally decrease. On the contrary, if the customer requirements meet the actual production level of the factory, the yield will be higher.

In addition, the price change of PCB rapid proofing factory is also related to the development of the market. In different market environments, their quotations are different. It is suggested that customers should find out the strength of the factory when choosing, so as to avoid the loss caused by improper selection.

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